The CSSW developed from a strategy outlined at a seminar of field educators held in 1992. At this seminar it was decided that the various schools of Social Work pilot a collaborative placement project which incorporates a joint database and shared administrative management of placement planning and implementation.

Project Objectives

  •       To coordinate a collaborative management system to organise and administer field placements in Schools of Social Work in Victoria. 
  •       To provide a cost efficient and better quality method of dealing with the vast number of agencies in the community. 
  •       To provide a model of an integrated approach to the procurement of social work field education placements that is useable by other tertiary institutions and adult education programs within the social and community sector.  


The principles of the Combined School of Social Work are based on core social work values.

  •      All schools of social work should have equal access to quality field placements. 
  •      Agencies have a right to privacy and schools of social work should therefore minimise the number of calls made to an agency in relation to requests for placements. 
  •      Cooperation between all schools of social work and participating agencies.